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Shkopich Enviro’s Recycle division was opened in 2013 as Lamon Disposal. Shkopich Enviro offers services to residential, commercial and municipal customers in Meadow Lake and surrounding areas, including providing curbside recycling pick-up to Meadow Lake’s single family homes as of January 2013.

We offer recycling pick up services to residential homes, business, municipalities, and schools.

This system uses an advanced single stream sorting process that safely sorts all mixed recycling materials, including glass. The other material is sorted into clean, marketable bales, uses less energy and captures more recyclable material than traditional sorting equipment.

We also collect, process and market residential and commercial cardboard, newsprint, magazines, office paper, plastics, beverage containers, aluminum and tin.

For more information on the Meadow Lake & Area Curbside Recycling program, please contact our office.