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Cart Services

Shkopich Enviro is pleased to offer waste transfer and recycling services to communities, municipalities, acreages and farms around Meadow Lake and area. Contact us at 306-236-5200 or email admin@shkopich.ca for more information.

How do I start new Shkopich Enviro Service?

We are always happy to service new customers. Please contact Shkopich Enviro office at 306-236-5200 to speak with sales representative or email admin@shkopich.ca about setting up your new service.

What time should i have my Shkopich Enviro residential cart out on collection day?

Please place the cart roadside by 7:00 am on collection day including most holidays.

Where should I locate my Shkopich Enviro residential cart for collection?

Always place the cart with its wheels facing towards the curb or edge of roadway.

What cannot be put in my Shkopich Enviro residential Cart?

  • Hazardous material such as wet paint, chemicals, or solvents
  • Absolutely no ashes
  • Sod, Dirt, concrete or other heavy materials
  • Construction